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>> Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Friday morning.....

Things to do:
I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what I am going to be doing with myself today outside of work. I want to avoid all of the SpringBling bullshytas that is happening down here right now so I have to pay attention to the radio since I'm sure they'll be promoting all the 'official' spots for the weekend. I think I want to head back to a spot that I went to with my friends further south about 6 or 7 weeks ago. It was EXTRA good, with great music and an even better crowd. The only thing is, the drive is deep. I'll have to see how I feel after I'm done with my last patient.

Now, I don't have the classic definition of co-workers; however, I do work parallel with some people at this nursing home that my boss contracts with. And they invited me to this concert that I'm slightly interested in, but not intensely. I am only considering it because it sounds like a decent time with some people I work amongst. I just have to be a bit careful since people's bosses will be there (not mine at this point, but hey, you never know with this small world, they may become that Also, I was quoted about $20 less for the cost of the ticket, so I agreed. Now finding out the TRU cost, I am feeling less of a desire to go. GIMME MY $ BACK! Eh...*shrug*

He didn't call for the first time since I met him (which was Friday night). A good thing. I am still unclear as to what I want from him and it's making my head foggy. If only he wasn't so damn fine or kept that fineness at a reasonable distance (verses seeing me every other day or so), I think I would be a bit clearer.

He didn't call to explain why he became mia for poetry night. I talked to this nicca all day that day and was really diggin his personality. Yet, this is the second time that he's said and not done. I am REALLY not a fan of that. What can you do? We haven't linked up since Friday when I met him, so I guess it's understandable that he has forgotten my sexiness and doesn't act Or maybe he's just like that. Well, I'mma go ahead and avoid the headache before it is even hinted and just leave that situation alone. I NEED consistency.

I haven't really spoken to the asshole. Yes, there is an asshole that has entered into my life and discumbobulated it a bit. I had never experienced a person like that before and it really thru me for a severe loop. He was just suppose to be someone cool to hang out with down here since he was a friend of a friend. It turned out to be far more complicated far too soon and it made the possibility of a friendship to become slim to none. He's sent me a couple texts, but I just roll my eyes and keep it moving. I am suppose to go to Orlando next weekend, and so as he. I have the feeling I'll be hearing from him more and more as the time gets closer to depart from here; but who knows. This man has surprised me at every turn. Maybe he'll continue distancing himself til he fades completely to black...which I think is what I need. I will admit one thing though- I liked the challenge of him. The sadistic nature of

Time to go get ready for my day. *happy dance* It's FRIDAY!!!!


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