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>> Thursday, March 26, 2009

I went out last night to a poetry/open mic event that happens weekly in W.Palm. It was supposedly suppose to start at 9:30pm. I should have known better....lol. I got there a half hour early from the 'scheduled' start time and sat listening and watching the ambiance. There were some of my people playing pool close to where I was sitting and I couldn't help but smile everytime I heard them make a comment about me. I guess my look is too ambiguous to really define so they were going hard in creole about me all the while not knowing that I understood everything said. The co-host started lighting the candles on the tables and when she got to mine, I asked how much.

"Are you a performer?"

"Well, I'm not sure."

"Performers pay $5, audience members pay $10."

"Can I decide on it after getting a feel for the crowd?'

"Do you know the theme for tonight?"


"It's erotic poetry night."

Of course. That would be the theme for the first night that I was making an appearance at this event. I laughed because in my pocket was the perfect poem.

"I actually brought a piece that fits in with that theme."

"Oh well you are performing then ma. I have only one slot left, and it has your name written on it. What is it?"


"Alright Desy, $5."

I didn't really go there to perform, but I did go prepared, so maybe in my subconscious, I was hoping I would. Who knows. Anyway, as the time dragged on, the cafe started filling up. I looked down at my clock and saw that it was around 10:30pm. I yawned and shook my head. I was not expecting to have such a late night knowing that I worked early in the morning. I sat back and kept people watching as the venue really began filling up. By 11:00pm, the hosts were pushing to start. Apparently it was a relatively quiet night, but the written works spoken to word were very impressive. I read this piece and got CRAZY commentary throughout. People shouting and saying stuff as I read and at the end, I got the 'awwwwwwwww' approval. If only they knew. I was hit on by a yungin (21yrs old) who was waaaaay too eager and talked to me waaaaay too much throughout the night while I was trying to listen to the artists. It was all good though. I was polite and made it through the evening without exchanging info. I really look forward to going there again next week. I wonder what the theme will be then. I need a nap though.

Off to bake the chicken that's been sitting in my fridge. Hope I don't do a Rashan and self inflict salmonella poisoning


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