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>> Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I don't understand people sometimes. No... I don't understand the S.igma's from the I.ota R.ho chapter at UCF 'people'. Real talk. I get exhausted from interacting with these men. They truly represent the most complicated group of individuals ever assembled in one organization...Must me a pre-requisite. Or at least the ones I find myself interacting with on a regular. I find it to be mildly entertaining though and it keeps me on my toes for dealing with 'not so predictable' men. I'm just glad that I am not embedded in that world... I just happen to run across its path from time to time a bit too often sometimes...lol.

I could not care less is starting to become my anthem. The moments where I start to slightly lend my emotions into the direction of caring, I remind myself that it only leads to bullshit, so rein it in and get gangsta. I wonder if that is going to lend me into the direction of being a bitch... Well, I know for a fact it's going to lend me to the direction of accepting less mediocre treatment and to demand the standards I myself live by. I think that if that makes me a bitch...oh well... At least I'll be a happy bitch rather than a taken advantage of winey girl.

Is O.bama really going to be talking about his economic plan again? I love my president, and I am always quick to listen to him whenever he comes on national television, but I'm just saying... what is there left to say? For those who keep asking questions, look at his half a dozen other speeches regarding the economy. I'm sure you'll find your answers there. Whatever. I'll still watch cause I love supporting my pres.

I'm thinkin I want to expand my role within the company I'm working in. I know I am a newly developing therapist, but I really feel like I need to keep my foot in the secretarial door I opened 3 years ago so that I can one day TAKE OVER THE WORLD!... or the company I work for hahaha. I hoping that if I go about this the right way, I can keep abreast of the background while still building/strengthening my clinical skills. The only thing that sucks tho is that I have no one to observe that is clincally stronger than me that I can observe to refresh my skills. I followed such intensely strong clinicians for so long (or was supervised by such strong clinicians) that I miss having that additional brain. I feel like I have so many holes in my knowledge, but all I keep hearing from my boss and her support staff is how wonderful I am. It could really make me into an egotistical clinician if I didn't know better (which is that I'm really not all that at all... I just care alot).

Phone's ringing... gotta go.


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