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>> Sunday, March 22, 2009

What a good day today turned out to be. I woke up and accomplished some lingering paperwork that needed a bit of fine tuning, but nothing major before I turned them in. I burned a new cd to put in my car. They are songs that I dance around my house listening to, but have been too lazy to burn and put in my car for my hours on the road. Then I hopped in my car and set out to accomplish all the errands I avoided doing yesterday. It was such a beautiful day and driving around with the sun on my skin and the wind in my naturally texturized hair turned my questionable mood into sheer happiness. I even hung out with one of the guys I met Friday night at the club. He was just as fine as I remembered...

Now, I'm doing some organizing of my work stuff debating on meeting up with guy number 2 met at the club Friday night. I spent a good 3 hours talking to him last night, and although he is not as visually stimulating as guy 1, he was AWESOME to talk to.

How long can thawed chicken stay in the fridge before you have to cook it? Must G.oogle.

Is the weekend already over for real? Dang... It happen so quick.

Oh well, at least I got some O.reo's...*happy dance*

Talk to you soon!


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