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>> Saturday, April 18, 2009

How much life shifts in a span of a few weeks is quite astounding to me. It the small space of my parental units humble abode, life moved in small increments in measurable steps. I was never overwhelmed nor was I ever one to make quick decisions. I could assess and review decisions weeks out. Hence my formerly known habit of 'if you want to chill let me know in advance... like a morning text for a nighttime chill, or a wednesday call for a friday night movie'. No longer is that my life. Instead, it's a 'whatchu doin right now?' 'nothing.' 'want to go to miami?' 'yes.' kind of exchange that has taken over my life. Everything (including my work schedule) is last minute. I can start a day with only 5 patients scheduled and end up with a full 8-9. My world has become a roll with the punches type of affair and I can honestly say: I LOVE IT! I meet incredibly talented poets, I am always tired, I sometimes get the pleasure of sitting still, and I then get to appreciate quiet living. When quiet living is your always, you like it less... but now I'm grateful for the small spans of time I get to be within myself. And being in the poetry scene has really sparked my writing... the thing is; they are spoken word artists as well. They push to perform and excude their poems into the pores of their listeners... Do I want to do that? Do I want to be that? I am really unsure... But I have a great need to be in this world and it gives me comfort where most things can't and don't. I'm off to orlando now... when I get back, I'll be going down to miami tonight... Thank God I'm not the driver for any of these trips!...lol. Have a good saturday!


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