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>> Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm doing nothing on purpose. I haven't 'done nothing' for..... wow.... I don't even know. I've been doing poetry nights, graduations, trips around the state, hanging out, drinking, conversating, and just barely squeezing in sleep around the hours scattered out before work. I have not been really writing or thinking, which has been a good thing for me since I over think.

I met a magnified version of myself (or at least the self I used to be before interacting with more challenging people that made me shift my ways). I realized that I didn't like it too much. Quickly got on my nerves simply because it was a little TOO magnified. Seeing my traits in others has definitely cleared out those former tendancies I had and also made me appreciate the new changes that I have made to myself in efforts to be a more self sufficient person (needing only my Lord, my family, and myself versus the former order of God, friends, fam, self).

Work has been a bit frustrating, but I guess that's understandable. My actual job- I love... but that background bs is getting right up under my skin and burrowing a hole in my irritation layer. I am praying to GOD I will be able to manage this for another 6 months....

I eligible for health insurance now! So need it cause some of my moles are growing and I need to get them burned off.... (was that TMI?- oh well).

I'm going to get some junk food now.... Oreo's and water since I'm outta milk....

Happy Mother's Day to all the blog mother's who 'stalk' and to my step mom.... You helped get me here and I love you for it....


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