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>> Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bachelorette party tonight for my closest gradschool friend... Yeh!... I am sooo happy to be getting together with her and all her friends because I know it will be a great time.

My brakes are squeaking- NOOOOOO!!!... In the 2yrs and 8mos that I've had this car, I have never considered changing the brakes...go figure. I thought they lasted the lifetime of a car (or at least up to about 60,000 miles). I guess is a girly oversight. I have a coupon for 99.99 at the dealership, so Toyota of North Palm, here I come...

I am concerned about my job. It's been 3 months and I don't know if I've grown as a therapist. I am constantly feeling like I am missing something or not doing something that would be beneficial to my patient. That part kills me cause truly, I don't feel like my boss can help me grow and I'm just in a rut. Additionally, my patients aren't making the kind of progress that I am used to getting and I come to find out that progress is not really expected... just maintenance so they don't loose the little they have... But I am not in the maintenance department... I'm in the REHABILITATION department... What do you mean I shouldn't expect too much progress? It limits my motivation...

It's been a long time since I've really written anything beautiful... Moving... poetic. I don't know why... I'm just not that.... anything really. I'm in a weird place I guess.

I think I might have a new gay I hope it works


Nibbles but no bites:

I met a nice guy recently. I don't really count him as a potential, but he is a GREAT conversationalist that I might get shifted as time progresses. He is the laid back type, which I NEED need need cause it keeps the chase on for me... I'm beginning to prefer the slow progress rather than my old habit of daily hits (even multiple daily hits) early on showing my obsessive nature... Honestly. The asshole broke me of the habit REAL quick.... and I think I prefer it this way... That way no one gets hurt cause emotions aren't thrown in too soon... But I'm digressing. The new guy. He is an amazing conversationalist and I'm intrigued. I look forward to our friendship.

I'm off to Ross and Marshalls to shop...


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