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>> Monday, June 29, 2009

I've abandoned writing. I no longer do it the way I once did. I don't share myself in this exposed world. Instead, I keep everything inside and analyze the experiences I've been having through a thorough internal process. The only things is, I love going back to my old posts and seeing my mind parts splashed out onto hard contours of alphabetically created expressions. The oxymoron that I am rears its ugly head once again.

I'm interested in a new guy, but this time it feels different. Intensely so. So much so that I am actually seeing myself adjusting and growing. He's a strong, educated, beautiful man. Not beautiful in the classic sense (my ex). His is much more dug up from the earth and dusted off with greedy hands... Mine. I see the diamond behind the sand colored coal (cause he's high yellow...lol)... And the very essence of he keeps a steady smile... sigh... It's nice to finally be compatibly comfortable with someone.

I saw transformers last night with him... our first real date since I met him... It was wonderful and I saw the depth of how I felt for him by the fact that I did not seperate my touch from his for more than a few seconds... Definitately not the way I traditionally move. When I seperate from him, I feel it. It's uncomfortable and I don't like doing it for more than a day at a time. Isn't that some shit...lol...

I'm steady being sleepy these days. I think I'm going for a nap... but I want to express that having K.Leen and May May here this weekend was one of the best things a girl could have had in her space... It was an outstanding time and I appreciated heavily their treck down here..

Hope Monday didn't hurt too much... Mine didn't.


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