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>> Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wow... How new this feels... blogging. I haven't been under this experience for quite some time. It's really... nice. I've emersed myself in relationship living and work grinding to the point where I've actually cut off my writing. I don't know why I did it... I choose to use my free time for other things; like excessive tv exposure (although, truthfully, I am just now getting back into my old habits of tv watching on a regular basis)... My time has been filled with poetry, children, laughter, appreciation, thought, friendship, and so many other wonderful 'living' things.

And I've reflected on it all without a single jotted word. I've voiced to friends about the woes and sorrows of my newest significant and spoken word(s) outloud to the highest for guidance because I get lost some times... I've even taken to inner thought work as I regurgitate situational scenarios and assess...

But none of it offers what writing does, which could be why it has been so hard for me to actually do it. I have been running away from my words because they are not as powerful as they used to be... There seems to be some type of lost potency in the way I feel my choice of verbage hits me, and instead on improving my vocabulary and my writing style, I push against it hard enough to be without it. I move seperately and independant, trying to fill the void with other things.

Now I've been asked to do a short story corner. I have to move away from all this and just write... Write to write... Place finger to keyboard and infuse life into white screens the the imagination of my still young mind...

I'm gonna work on myself with that


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