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>> Sunday, October 11, 2009

So I cut my hair off and revamped my style a little. My dad hates it of course (the Haitian he is)...lol. I think it's because he wants a more 'slick' look for me, versus the natural effect I have going on. Oh well... Besides him, I've had nothing but positive reinforcement for my not so secure decision to hack it all off. I have every intention of growing all out again... I just wanted to start from scratch. I'm looking forward to the the 'hair story' I'm going to have.

So I've been lounging about for the last 50 or so hours since I got home from my last patient on Friday around 4:30pm or so. The lounging was HIGHLY necessary for me because I have been on the cusp on miserable for quite of bit time now. Mostly because I have not really been pleased with certain circumstances around me economic wise and some newly added dimensions to my already complex romantic life hasn't helped either. However, I feel pleased beyond measure with my world right about now for the sheer simplicity of it all. The blessing has been movie renting to keep my mind away from itself. That 'I think too much' section over there really is accurate and that can kill my abilities to feel any type of forward movement sometimes. I just keep going over and over and over situations wallowing in them without working thru. Weekends like this would have been ideal for such festering. But instead, I had peppered conversations with exquisite significance, watched movie after movie, and slept intermittently throughout the day. I had only brief escapes from my abode to go to the grocery store for additional dollar rentals. I probably should have put some short stories down on computer memory, but I didn't even do that. The extent to my thinking went to my convos on the phone and my interactions with my boss... With such little time out of my home, it really made this raw diet fast I was on a complete disaster... All I wanted to have was some warm cuisine and I was stuck chomping on some carrot pieces. Definitely broke. But I didn't break too bad; just enjoyed a veggie wrap (wrapped in romaine lettuce) and I was fully content. Well, after the ice cream I was fully content...lol. Can't have a meal without dessert (no matter what Earthiopians say)!!!! I have a pretty light week ahead of me (like most of my work weeks these last few months) so I'm actually looking forward to it (except for this school business that I have just agreed to do)... Yes, that's right... Desy Digra is going to be a supposed speech therapist (should accurately be labeled a tutor) in the school system for middle to old adolescents. How fun for me *face*... Yeh... I'm just mantra'ing out, 'only 2 days a week and for only 7 hours; 2 days a week for only 7 hours'. I am just not good at being creative with academic therapy... I'm more creative with functional therapy... you know, therapy relavant to life... What do I care about you finding the main idea in a short story? What does that have to do with your ability to function in day to day living.... Ugh! Ok- I'm done. It's my job and I must act more professional about it.

Moving on... I'm off to watch brothers and sisters (love that show!).... back again at some point


Rashan Jamal October 13, 2009 at 1:00 PM  

Ummm, are you okay. This post seemed kind of manic depressive/meth addicty. LOL

yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with your father about the hair, but it's yours to do with what you want.

Why are you on a raw diet fast?

Desy October 15, 2009 at 11:11 AM  

what is it with men and long hair?! I'll never get it...lol

i'm a little all over the place sometimes... maybe i'm just in need of a hug- hahaha

the diet is to help cleanse my system from some of the crap i let it... it really is energizing (and yummy)- you should try it sometime

James Tubman October 18, 2009 at 11:22 AM  

you have no idea how much i missed you des

glad to see you back

i didnt read the post yet but i will though

Desy October 18, 2009 at 8:11 PM  

awww- thanks tubs

i needed to get writing again. I've been too neglectful of my therapy :-)

no worries... i didn't write anything all deep...lol

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